Creating path and mystery was the function of this project. A quote was given that helped describe what the project outcome was going to be. “The Plan proceeds from within to without; the exterior space is the result of the interior. The elements of architecture are light and shade, walls and space. Arrangement is the graduation of aims, the classification of intentions."  -Le Corbusier, Towards a New Architecture
The purpose was to choose an artist and take inspiration from their works to create a three-dimensional form. The artist chosen to study was Sarah Oppenheimer. Her projects are geometric and include empty spaces that create individual pieces of art inside of her complete art piece. The process was to make parti diagrams of her work to look at the pieces from different angles and see which pieces would fit in the specific project. Many study models were made of the final model to see what worked and didn’t work, how light changed the way the structure was viewed and how to play with empty spaces. The final model is in 1/2" = 1'0" scale and made out of matte board, glue, and some Bristol board.

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